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National Move

We turn our experience and our commitment to offering a service that guarantees customers maximum peace of mind and satisfaction, so as to transform the potentially stressful situation relating to the management of a move into a positive and peaceful experience.

We offer a free and no-obligation inspection at the home, to assess the volume and particularities of the move.

Our service includes the supply of the necessary packaging material, the disassembly of all furniture (wardrobes, bookcases, kitchens, equipped walls) and the careful packaging of household goods and personal effects.

We provide for the application of permits for parking vehicles at the competent authorities, the positioning of the related road signs, the supply and use of ladders for reaching the higher floors.

The transport is carried out using our fleet of vehicles, which we select based on the type and needs of each move.

Upon delivery, our team takes care of unpacking, reassembling all the previously dismantled furnishings, arranging all effects and removing and disposing of the packaging material used.

International Move

International moving is the service in which we boast the utmost specialization and great competence. Each move is a new challenge to face, with a single goal: the satisfaction of our customers.

Our office directs the customer to the authorities (consulates, municipalities, prefectures) and the competent bodies in order to obtain the permits and certificates necessary for moving. All information relating to the regulations in force in the country of destination and the documentation necessary for customs operations are provided, offering advice at the time of compilation.

The documentation requested by us allows free delivery, that is, exempt from paying customs duties.

Moving by truck, carried out on European territory, in the EEC area, does not require particular documentation. If the origin or destination of the shipment is a non-EEC European country, we carry out all customs operations for export and import on behalf of the customer.

Also in Europe, the customer can choose between two types of transport.

Direct transport is a service that allows you to establish the delivery date according to your needs and offers the possibility to be followed both in origin and at destination always by the same team.

The move in combination, for small quantities, is aimed at limiting costs without in any way precluding quality: several removals are grouped for the same destination on a single vehicle, delivering them according to times to be agreed.

Moving by sea can be organized in containers or crates. In the first case, the household goods are loaded onto a 20 ’, 40’ or 40 ’high cube container (depending on the volume of the shipment). In the second case, for the shipment of small quantities, we create special tailor-made crates that are loaded onto cargo ships.


We take advantage of the collaboration of companies operating in the customs, maritime and airport sectors and leading companies in the national and international distribution sectors, as well as a network of selected agents all over the world, which guarantee a widespread coverage of the territory and the maintenance of the same high quality of service offered by Bolliger. The collaboration with the agents selected by us is tested over time and renewed every year thanks to the direct meeting through participation in international meetings of the sector.


The first and fundamental step to guarantee a quality service, the packaging phase represents the essential moment of the move, dedicated to the protection and safety of the goods handled. For this reason, we have made packaging an art, developing different types, according to the specific needs of customers.

We have always paid the utmost attention to the quality of the materials used, which respond to a basic requirement of resistance to mechanical stress and protect from the external action of atmospheric agents.

The most fragile objects, the most precious goods, the oldest components, the heaviest or most voluminous elements are packed with extreme care and competence.

Special wrapping materials are used for the specific protection of paintings, furniture of particular value, Murano glassworks, chandeliers, collections of fine wines or spirits and all the goods for which particular attention is required.

Special protective cages are custom built in our carpentry shop, to protect fragile objects (chandeliers, crystals, glass, mirrors, paintings, marble and vases) or of particular value. All the wood used undergoes a specific phyto-sanitary treatment.

For each individual move, each box is labeled and numbered progressively on the spot, reporting the customer’s name and filling in a special inventory.

Our staff is entirely composed of professionals in the sector, able to offer a service of the highest level, thanks to the mastery of a refined technique, gained through many years of experience in the field.

Ancient and modern works of art

With experience acquired over the years, we have perfected all aspects related to the movement of works of art, ancient or modern.

We provide special packaging and customized cages for the protection of individual works of art (installations, paintings, statues, sculptures), collections, exhibitions, exhibitions and goods of particular value and value.

The collection is carried out by equipped vehicles and using the necessary equipment to carry out loading and unloading operations in total safety.

The most suitable shipping method is then selected (by truck, by sea or by air) depending on the destination. Thanks to the particular expertise gained, we are able to transport the works worldwide.

We take care of completing all customs procedures and obtaining the special export permits required by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, both in the case of modern arts and in the more complex procedure relating to ancient arts.

We follow all aspects related to the temporary export of exhibitions or traveling exhibitions, accompanied by a special ATA carnet.

Storage Warehouse

We offer our customers a large warehouse, equipped for the handling and storage of household goods, personal effects, works of art or documents, for short or long periods of time.

The surface, of about 2,000 square meters, offers a total stowage capacity of 4,000 cubic meters.

The strategic location allows to reach the structure easily, avoiding the problems related to city traffic. The warehouse and offices are located on the same site.

Storage is carried out exclusively in watertight containers, of different sizes, for the placement of goods.

The customer can access the warehouse and reach the container dedicated to him. In order to ensure maximum discretion and security, each container is closed with a special seal and the customer can ask to keep the key of the same personally. The delivery of the effects can take place by transporting the container directly to the home, thus avoiding a double movement of the content.

Laboratories Offices

Offices, analysis and prototyping laboratories, data centers, production lines, workshops, industrial machinery, archives are typical examples of the movements between locations that we carry out with accuracy and competence.

Through an exploratory inspection we evaluate the timing, needs and peculiarities of the move and acquire information relating to the final lay-out, which allow us to define the priority of interventions.

The timing is carefully planned in order to respect the business needs and to minimize production downtime. For this reason, the operations can be carried out on several occasions and over the weekend.

The handling of particularly heavy or bulky instruments or equipment is managed using special machinery.


All the goods moved by us can be covered by an “All Risks” insurance policy at the request of the customer, by filling in a list enhanced on models supplied by us.

In case of damage or loss, our office carefully follows the practice, giving maximum assistance in providing the necessary documentation throughout the procedure, up to the final outcome with the insurance company.

If you decide not to make use of insurance coverage, our liability is limited to what is provided for by current legislation.

Our company is insured with third party civil liability.

The constant commitment is however aimed at avoiding any type of loss or damage since we are well aware of the fact that no economic reimbursement will ever be able to compensate the emotional value of the most expensive personal effects.

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